Fractalz is next-gen software products, services and co-creation company. We leverage Intelligent Automation, Cognitive Computing Blockchain technologies, and Social Media strategies to develop products and solutions that help clients and society at large to accelerate value creation.

Our Values

I am, because we are


To be the custodian of worlds thoughts, ideas, and knowledge for building a harmonious society.

Our Mission

Contribute towards a Connected, Compassionate, and Collaborative Future. Bringing a paradigm shift in the way we Express, Educate, and Exchange value in society for a better and shared tomorrow.

We are Fractalites

Fractalites gets the opportunity to challenge the best in them, and get inspired by there own creations and contributions. Its not just workplace but a stage where crew members can scale their careers infinitely, in most rewarding ways, with independence to innovate. Fractalzites take pride in being transformation agents for their clients and the society at large. Here the mantra is - Pursue Perfection Passionately!

Co Creation

Through our co-creation partners we provide full Suite SAP S/4HANA and Microsoft Services including consulting, end to end implementation. Our specially designed campus security using IoT and ensure safety and security of individuals in a campus, whether it’s factory, office, construction site or school.

Effective Drivers of Recruitment

Winner of the Assocham National Work Vision 2022 – Annual HR Excellence Awards where it won the 'Effective Drivers of Recruitment, Engagement and Retention' category

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