Employee Experience

Tansformation Service

Employee experience encapsulates what people encounter and observe over the course of their tenure at an organization. Organisations which actively use employer branding are thought to benefit from increased interest from potential employees and higher levels of loyalty and commitment from current employees.



A word is a word, and a picture is worth a thousand… but a brand is worth a million.

Hank Stringer & Rusty Rueff

Employer Branding

Stand out with an authentic, and inspiring employer brand that attracts the talent you need to win.

Talent Retation and Productivity

Experience Design

Bring your talent brand promise to life with experiences, processes, systems and training.

Recruitment Marketing

Reach the right people at scale through programmatic advertising and custom campaigns.

Employee Communications

Drive performance, culture, change, and foster belonging with next-gen employee communications.

Talent Retation and Productivity

Experience Design

We’ll help you create everything you need to build an authentic employer brand that stands out. We’ll meet you wherever you are, and collaborate to take your talent brand to the next level.

  • Employer Brand assessment
  • Employer Value Proposition & messaging development
  • Global employer recognition and certification support
  • Glassdoor/company review platform management
  • LinkedIn and other Social Media management
  • Creative, design & production
  • Employee Advocacy and Brand Ambassador Program
  • Industry Forum Recognition and other custom projects

Recruitment Marketing

Wether you’re looking to fill hard-to-hire roles, build awareness with new talent, or design and launch a global marketing effort, we’ll make sure your marketing strategy and campaigns are thoughtfully planned and continuously optimized, with tight metrics that take aim at your most critical talent needs.

  • Recruitment Marketing program assessment
  • Candidate Experience design
  • Recruitment Toolkit
  • Employee Referral program advisory
  • Diversity hiring strategy
  • Custom campaign design

Experience Design

We’ll work with you to design meaningful experiences and engagement opportunities for your candidates and employees, and pull together the supporting processes, systems and training needed to bring them to life.

  • Employee Experience assessment
  • Employee engagement and pulse surveys
  • Employee journey design
  • New hire onboarding program design
  • Event deisgn and management
  • Employee Resource Group strategy
  • Employee listening program
  • Custom Projects

Employee Communications

We transform employee communications into an engine that fuels high performance, builds culture, supports organizational change, and fosters belonging by more deeply connecting employees to their work, the company’s mission and vision—and to each other.

  • Communication Program assessment
  • Employee communications program strategy & design
  • Diversity and inclusion communications strategy
  • Executive and other internal communication support
  • Communication Calendar
  • Intranet customisation and support (SharePoint)

Milestones to
Reach Together

Increased Profit Potential


Higher Profits


Reduced Cost of Hiring


Reduced Time of Fulfilment


Reduction in Attrirtion


Hiring at Reduced Salaries


Increase in Employee Engagement


Improvement in Talent Intake

When organizations get employee experience right, they can achieve twice the customer satisfaction and innovation, and generate 25% higher profits than those that don’t.

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of Choice

Win the War for Workforce and best Workplace
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