Dialoguein ACT


The Next-Gen digital workspace solution with cognitive video conferencing


Change can not happen in isolation; the need is to have a holistic
platform that can unlock people's productivity with seamless
integration of tools and infrastructure.

The problem today is that seekers of knowledge and creative people today can not connect to the majority views and lifestyle shown on current social media. The frivolous, toxic and chaotic nature made them retreat to their silent corners.


Our solution is to bring out the voice of a billion such people around the world on a platform which provides quality and authentic content and provides a safe digital space. Helping people connect at a deeper level and voice their opinions fearlessly through ethical, engaging and creative dialogues.

The Challenges


How to enable a remote work culture in a secured way


How to enhance productivity while reduding cost


How to endure a future ready workforce through skill upgradation and motivation

The way Work and Workforce interacts is going to a fundamental transformation. The current COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the movement towards a digital workplace, and it has also highlighted gaps in toolsets and mindsets to enable workers to WFH.

What lies

We have researched the market
with the lens of COVID-19 and
beyond as Future of Work and


Online Meeting Technologies


Remote Work Application


Remote Program Management


Remote Program Management

“The most important continuity lesson from the pandemic is that digital resilience must extend to the workforce and the home. Workforce digital resilience is best nurtured in an engaging and intuitive digital workplace environment, which boosts employee digital dexterity.”

Gartner Article: Workforce Resilience in the Eye of the Pandemic, 19 April, 2020;

“Use AI to Hack Your Tricky Meeting Problems: Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities emerging at work will improve meeting efficiency, save time and cut the drudgery for this key collaboration activity.

Gartner Article: Workforce Resilience in the Eye of the Pandemic, 19 April, 2020;


time to redeisgn and refine the
realationship between

The Vision


Enable remote working with focus on the building digital resilience, proper management, quality, and innovation

  • Assign Work - Story Board
  • Croudsource
  • Manage and Track
  • Document
  • Ideation
  • Question and Answer
  • Point Based Reward and Motivation and Tracking
  • Work
  • Calendar and Notifications


Enable secure communication and collaboration in a distributed network environment

  • Video Conferencing with AI and Analytics
  • Instant
  • Group
  • Newsfeed, Headlines
    and Stories
  • Dialogue, replacing
  • Moderator Verified Communication and Content
  • Live
  • Screen

Cognitive Video Conferencing

Recognize sentiments and emotions from facial expressions and speech. Linking non-verbal signs to Behavior heatmap to determine employee motivation level, and mental health

  • Concurrent Sessions with Multiple Participants
  • Screen Sharing, File Sharing, Recording
  • Whiteboard and Calendar Integraion
  • Instant messaging to individual and group
  • Dual Layer Securtiy with Encryption and OTP
  • Optimised hardware and network usage

Approach to solving
the problem


3 Verticals of relevance - Engagement, Efficiency
and Education

Enhanced Engagement with next gen collaboration tools powered by AI to ensure that office environment is replicated, and team cultured is fostered. Emphasizing on Dialogue-based communication to promote shared enquiry and shared thinking.

Increased efficiency and productivity with all inclusive platform for assigning, tracking, managing work. Expanding the sourcing funnel by enabling cloudsourcing. Automating and continuous improvement based on team ideation. Importantly enabling ‘Managing by Objective’ rather than micro-managing using rewards & gamification

Enriching employees by seamlessly integrating training and skill upgradation opportunities. Convergence of government, corporate, education sectors for cross-pollination. Validating employee and students skills and contribution in a 360-degree feedback loop.

Why DialogueinACT

The key aspects that separate DialgoueinACT from others

Connecting Workforce-Workspace-Work Culture

Holistic platform that can unlock people's productivity with seamless integration of tools and infrastructure.

Building Digital Resilience and New Nucleus of Work

DialogueACT E2E Collaboration platform to be built and made the hub for new work nucleus and thereby building digital resilience for business continuity .

Raising the bar with Cognitive Video Conferencing

High quality audio / video conferencing with multiple concurrent sessions with multiple participants in each. Option to use AI based Video analytics for sentiments, motivation and behavior analysis.

Complete WFH Solution Action-Communication-Training

E2E collaboration, managing, and sourcing of work from one central platform, that is integrated with Learning Management and convergence of industry and education.

DialogueACT part larger eco-system aimed for greater value creation technology

DialogueACT with Cognitive Video Conferencing is a part of a larger eco-system of solutions - Dialoguein (Knowledge-based social media), DialgoueinLearn (AI & Blockchain based Next-Gen Learning Management system), DialogueinMed (platform for medical service aggregation and knowledge). Users and Organizations would derive greater value due to synergy and scale.

Our users are Seekers

Smart, Ethical, Empathetic, Knoledgeable, Eesteem need driven,
Rejects stereotypes, Socially Engaged

General Public: Knowledge Seekers – People looking for avenues to engage in informed dialogues.

30% (1.2 B) of social media users

1.2 Billion

Learners: College Student - Gen Z: Marketplace for knowledge content, peer-to-peer learning.

800M College Students and Teachers

800 Million

Educators: Institutions and Individuals – Content sellers and knowledge partners, media house, authors

32% Growth, projected $25B by 2025

32% Growth

Built and customised as per clients’ future needs


Let us move towards collaborative dialogues

Our movement is simple, reject the ordinary and let the mind seek and express what’s best in us.