A Next-Gen Learning Platfrom – the future of learning


Dialogue and AI / Blockchain based Next-Gen Learning Platform
Aimed at disrupting educational system targeted towards School,
College, University Students

What lies

Study shows Education is a $10 Trillion industry
by 2030. Post-Secondary education will
become more Peer-to-Peer, Micro-Tuitions,
and outside Institutions


Micro Credentials

Learners are in control of what and when they learn.

Individuals collect micro credentials from a high number providers.

Learners construct their own collection of relevant knowledge, skills and experience.

Global Environment

Micro Credentials

Peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange of goods and services has meant the disintermediation of the institute in most industries


Micro Tuitions

Post-secondary cost collapse; diminished need for high-cost infrastructure.

Micro-tuition payments and verification fees become the norm.


Education outside Institutes

Most professional and skills training occurs outside the purview of conventional education regulators.


Dialoguein Learn aspires to be the
custodian of world’s thoughts,
ideas, and knowledge

Vision at Scale

Value Realization

3 Verticals of relevance - Creative Engagement, Peer-to-Peer Learning, and
Convergence with Corporate

Enhanced engagement with emphasizing on Dialogue-based communication to promote shared enquiry and shared thinking. Opportunity to ideate, micro-blog reporting and moderated dialogue on topics that impacts everyone.

Peer-to-Peer learning with validated by experts and ability to collaborate for skill upgradation. Ability to interact with Influencers and holders of micro-credentials. Live classroom and micro-tuition enabled.

Convergence of government, corporate, students, and education sectors for cross-pollination. Corporates can embed learning and research from academics. Ability to assimilate feedback for government and impact policy decision. Earn for your content and for your interactions on the platform.

Core Features

Designed to support user journey for effective dialogue
through news to referendum and hosted events


Harvest knowledge, structured learning content and roadmap with Live Classroom, and Assessment


Articles and Whitepapers collecting diverse threads of knowledge in a cohesive whole


Customizable reward based quizzing infrastructure for platform users


Idea Hackathon, Question & Answers, for end-to-end idea management

Other Features


Connections Network


Interest Area Topics


Instant messaging chat


Points and Cash Rewards


Micro-Credentials, verified experts

Customizable for
Web and Mobile


Let’s move towards the
future of learning

Join the transformation journey where we learn,
ideate, and review